Activate Your Carbon Poker Promotions

For the first time in a while I went into the Player Admin of my Carbon Poker software.  I discovered several great promotions that I had failed to activate and it cost me money.  I wanted to make sure all of my readers knew about these promotions and make sure that you will qualify for them.

The first big promotion is the Super Money Tree promotion.  If you earn 100 VIP Points or more within a calendar day then you will receive $1 for every 75 VIP Points earned on your five biggest days.  If you earn 175 VIP Points or more on ten different days then you will receive $1 for every 55 VIP Points that you earn on your ten biggest days during that month.  If you earn 250 or more points on twenty different days then you will receive $1 for every 25 VIP Points on your ten biggest days.  With the twenty day promotion you can earn as high as 20% rakeback on your play on top of your rakeback.

On Wednesdays there is a King of the Hill promotion.  Earn points during Wednesdays and the top ten players in each tier will receive a bonus based on their ranking.  The bonus can be as high as $100 based on your VIP tier.

The Marathon Man bonus pays out based on your VIP tier and how many points you earn on twenty or more days during the month.  The cash prizes run from $10 for the entry level VIP Earth and run as high as $425 for VIP Ether.  The points per day goal goes up with each VIP level.

The Triathlon promotion ties in points earned during cash play, tournament play and side games.  Side games include house games such as blackjack and Caribbean Stud.  Cash bonuses start at $10 for VIP Earth up to $375 for VIP Ether.  As with Marathon Man the VIP Point goal and wager amount goes up with each VIP level.

After seeing what I missed out on I wanted to make sure everyone opted in.  If you do not already play at Carbon Poker this is the time to join.  When you sign up through my rakeback site you will earn 35% rakeback and receive a 150% up to $750 first deposit bonus.  Nothing is deducted from your rakeback and it is paid every day directly to your Carbon Poker account.  Carbon Poker is a member of the Merge Gaming network.  Merge Gaming is the largest U.S. friendly online poker network.

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