Absolute Poker/UB Bad Beat Jackpot Situation

I just noticed that the Cereus Network bad beat jackpot is $390,000.  This means if it hit right now the big end of the bad beat jackpot would be $136,500.  Since the maximum cashout is $250 per week it would take 546 weeks to get paid in full.  This assumes a non US player hits it.  If a player in the U.S. hits it then they may not get paid at all.

U.S. players are told in a message that they cannot play for real money.  U.S. players can still sit down and play though.  There have been reports that Absolute Poker and UB may not pay players on their winnings if they circumvent the ban.  Of course Cereus needs to ban the U.S. players, not just put up a notice players may or may not see.  I would assume that the software is not capable of banning players from a particular country.

While I feel player deposits are safe at PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker I have serious doubts about Cereus.  They already had liquidity issues and now their max cashout to non US players is $250 a week.  I do not think this company has the cash on hand to pay off the run on their bank.

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