Absolute Poker and UB Reject Non US Cashouts

As predicted it looks like there are serious financial problems at Absolute Poker and UB.  The Cereus Network has rejected all cashouts, or at least those over $250, for non U.S. players that were pending sending the cashouts back into the player’s cashier.  The new cashout maximum is $250 and players can only request one cashout a week.  Players that contact support receive this message:

Due to recent developments in the United States and change to withdrawal policy, your recent withdrawal request has been cancelled and returned to your player account. Your cashout is a priority for us. However, payout processing and their timelines have been adversely affected as a result of these developments and payout requests are currently limited to a $250 per week. We will provide you with more informaion as our legal team works to resolve the outstanding issues

Players in the U.S. still cannot cashout or make transfers.  I think that this really spells doom for U.S. player’s balances on Cereus.  Maybe the U.S. government will give them access to their bank accounts to pay all of the players like it seems they did with what I felt were the best online poker sites PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker.  Even then Cereus had more U.S. players as a percentage than either of those rooms.  It is possible that they may not be able to cover the player’s balances even if they do get their bank accounts released.

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