Absolute Poker and UB Finally Ban US Players, or Not

The Cereus Network, consisting of Absolute Poker and UB, now have a pop up when U.S. players log into their poker software.  The pop up states:

Due to recent actions taken by the U.S. Department of Justice, Absolute Poker and UB have existed the U.S. market.  A geographic blocking solution prevents all financial transactions and real money gaming for U.S. players.

Player funds are not available for withdrawal at this time.  However, our company’s highest priority is the safe and efficient return of funds to our players.

We will update you as we move forward to resolve these outstanding issues.

There are a few problems with this announcement.  A quick look around the few active real money tables on Cereus show quite a few U.S. cities such as Austin and New York City.  This puts a hole in the geographic blocking solution theory.  I also have doubts about the company’s efficient return of funds to players.  If it was then they would not be slow paying non U.S. players.  I have a feeling their highest priority is to keep the doors open and keep their management out of prison.

I also have doubts about updates coming from Cereus.  This company has had little to say in the month plus since Black Friday.  Most of what they have had to say has not been truthful either.  This is the 5th or 6th time U.S. players have allegedly been banned but yet they can still play.  I look forward to a truthful Cereus statement about the situation.  Specifically a statement that addresses when all players will be paid in full and what they intend to do about the charges against them.

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