Absolute Poker and UB Come to an Agreement With DOJ

There has been a lot of news coming from the Cereus Network and Blanca Games in the last day or so.  Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet have come to an agreement with the Department of Justice.  The agreement does not include getting use of their former domains back.  The agreement states that Absolute Poker and UB have told the Department of Justice that they have stopped real money play for U.S. players.  I just logged in to Absolute Poker and saw players from several unique U.S. city names such as Las Vegas and Atlanta so that statement cannot be true.  Read the press release here on Gary Wise’s blog.

Edit: It has come out that Cereus has in fact not signed any agreement with the DOJ.  This is why there is not a press release from the DOJ.  Maybe they have agreed in an unofficial way but nothing has been signed.

Yesterday 11 online poker pros that were sponsored by Absolute Poker and UB were laid off.  Joe Sebok broke his silence about the company’s ordeal.  Here is what he has to say.

Also Yesterday Olman Rimola turned himself in to Costa Rican authorities.  He was in upper management at Innovative Data Solutions (IDS).  IDS was the customer service support center for Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet.  Since Rimola is a Costa Rican citizen he cannot be extradited to the U.S.  Read the full story here.

This could be good news for U.S. players with money locked up on Cereus.  It does not mean there is any money to pay the U.S. players with and it also does not seem that the seized bank accounts have been returned.  Hopefully there are funds there.  I am slightly more optimistic than I was yesterday but I am not yet a believer.

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