Absolute Poker and UB Ban US Players

Absolute Poker and UB, members of the Cereus Network, have banned U.S. players from playing poker for real money.  Since the indictments against their founders Scott Tom and Brent Beckley were unsealed on April 15 Absolute Poker and UB have not allowed U.S. players to deposit, cashout or make player to player transfers.  Up until this morning U.S. players with a balance at Absolute Poker and UB could still play for real money even though there were no banking functions available.  There is no word on when U.S. player cashouts might start.

The message from Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet reads in part:

As you may be aware, we have suspended real money activity for online players based in the U.S. due to legal developments.  Players located outside the U.S. are not affected by these developments, and they can continue to play in our poker room.

On April 15 both Full Tilt and Poker Stars shut down to U.S. players after the Black Friday online poker indictments were unsealed.

Gambling911 is reporting that Absolute Poker and UB seem to be unable to ban U.S. players in their software.  U.S. players that are going against the posted notice risk violating the terms and conditions and risk not getting paid.  Personally I would be concerned about getting paid by Cereus anyway but you should probably not ignore the notice published by Cereus stating U.S. players cannot play for real money.

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