A week in Atlanta

Twice a year I visit Atlanta.  One trip is during the summer, the other during the winter.  The last few visits show me that getting out of Atlanta was a great idea.

In 2006 I moved from suburban Atlanta to the Black Hills of South Dakota for a job.  Later I moved to Las Vegas.  Atlanta was a mess then but every time I visit now it is worse and worse each time.  People like to bash the economy here in Las Vegas but I think it is worse in Atlanta, at least visually.  There are countless constructions projects in various stages of completion that have been abandoned in both cities but there are many more in Atlanta.  There are many road projects half finished in Atlanta too.

Twenty five years after the Atlanta boom started they still do not seem to understand the concept of a four lane artery road or widening interstates like 575 and 985 more than two lanes each way.   The smog and traffic are as bad as ever.  From talking to people it is easy to tell the southern hospitality is long lost.  Don’t even get me started about the airport.  Insulting the Hartsfield family by renaming the airport was disgusting.  It would have made perfect sense to build a second airport and honor both men but that would mean Atlanta would lose its title as busiest airport in the world, about the only thing Atlanta has to be proud of.  If it were not for my family and friends still there I would never go back.

Sorry if you live there.  I just had to write about my trip.  Maybe if the cities could finally agree on widening a few major roads, upgrade the infrastructure and not set up revenue generating speed traps all over the city while letting real crime go unchecked I might could tolerate it.  The city is falling apart and the suburbs were very poorly planned, especially considering the infrastructure.  After living in Las Vegas where the planning was well thought out going back and seeing Atlanta’s mess makes me see just how bad Atlanta really is.  Maybe my friends and family can move out west like I did…..

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