888 Network Royal Flush Jackpot Bugs

The 888 Network, sometimes referred to by old school poker players as Pacific Poker, has a serious bug in their Royal Flush Jackpot tables.  The first report of this came on February 3rd, 2012 from an unhappy player that had complained about the bug, and was promised a refund. Nearly six weeks later, the tables are still bugged.  The bugs are just one of several issues though.

888 Royal Flush Jackpot tables

When a player is seated at a Royal Flush Jackpot table at 888, they have the option of posting the jackpot drop.  By default, when a player sits, the automatic jackpot posting box is checked.  When the box is checked, it means that a player wishes to post the $.50 jackpot drop.  The problem is that the player will end up posting the jackpot drop, even if they are waiting for the big blind.  Posting this jackpot rake is unavoidable for the first hand a player sits, even if they are not dealt in.  If a player does not notice this bug, they will post all the way around the table.  If a player is not dealt in, it is impossible for them to win any jackpot money.

The same problem occurs when a player sits out.  If a player has the auto jackpot post box clicked when they sit out, they will post the jackpot drop every hand while they are gone, even though they cannot win anything from it.  If a player misses a couple of orbits, they will be out close to $10, just for sitting out.

Conflicting Terms and Conditions

Adding to the confusion, there are two sets of terms and conditions posted throughout the network.  One set of terms states that the jackpot resets at $5000, while another set of terms and conditions states that it resets at $25,000.  A network spokesman says that the first set I linked to is correct.  I pointed out this error nearly two weeks ago, and yet there are still conflicting terms on network sites.  888 also takes 20% of all jackpot drops as a rake, but this is not disclosed anywhere in their terms and conditions.  This means that 888 is making thousands of dollars off of this bug that they seem to be unable or unwilling to fix.

Incompetent Player Support

The network has been aware of this problem for nearly six weeks.  888 forum representatives in multiple forums have acknowledged the problem, yet the software is still bugged.  Making matters worse, when players notify support of the problem, they get replies like this:

Thank you for contacting us. My name is Stefanos Member Support Representative and I will be assisting you today.

Firstly, please accept my apology for the delay in my response. This is due to a high volume of e-mail queries we are presently experiencing. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Regards your issue I may inform you that it is your choice to participate in the jackpot or not. As stated in the Jackpot instructions section.

The recipient of that reply states that it took four days to get, after sending a detailed complaint about the issue.  Another player received this response:

Thank you for contacting 888.com support,my name is Tiffany and I will be assisting you today with your query.

Andre, cards are dealt totally at random – there is no way that they are dealt with the sole intention of giving hands to players.

I put this down to bad luck to some extent but mostly to competing with poor players who are willing to chase anything regardless of their pocket cards. This is one of the main problems of online poker, anybody can and will play and a lot of these people have money to spare.

I can empathize with you on these setbacks and can only advise you to perhaps try and be more careful and take advantage of our player notes feature which can allow you to keep track of any careless players.

Please remember that online a far greater number of hands are dealt than when playing live. Instances like these are bound to appear and stick in the mind.

It’s the times when things go in your favor that you tend to shrug off as a run of good luck, but when they don’t go so well a “rigged” site is to blame.

I hope this helps ease your concerns whilst playing on 888casino and I wish you the best of luck for the future.

Those are not the only pitiful responses from 888 support, there were several more.  They all make the same point, 888 customer support clearly has no understanding of the player’s complaints.  Instead of trying to get help, they chose a canned response.  Even worse, it took days to get that type of response.

888 stated weeks ago that this would be resolved, and that players would get paid back in full what they posted while sitting out.  Although this was announced weeks ago, some players are still reporting that they have not been paid anything.  The bug is still active in the software as well.  As you see from the replies above, contacting support goes nowhere.  It is starting to seem that players looking for a refund, or a software patch that fixes this, are out of luck.

Avoid 888 Royal Flush Jackpot Tables

I urge all players to avoid the 888 Network’s Royal Flush Jackpot tables until they resolve this issue.  I also urge the network to make a correct, uniform T&C for this promotion.  If the house is going to rake a jackpot drop, this needs to be disclosed.  There should also not be conflicting terms on different network websites.

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